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A Truly Omnichannel Contact Centre Platform
Game Changing
All-In-One Call Centre

Enhance your customer experience using AI based speech recognition and chatbots

Reinvent your client handling mechanism and open new boundaries of substantial organizational goals by utilizing our Omni-channel contact center. Following an all-in-one, inbound connected design pattern, our call centre software permits employees to work on a single platform; hence, emitting the hassle to switch apps to devise distinct features. It uplifts the client management and business supervision experience by employing the supreme features of conversational Artificial Intelligence, voice bots, and chatbots. Also, to meet the particular needs of customers, it manages cost and resources allocation. As this software gives agents the ability to connect with customers without time or space constraints; it is highly flexible, productive, and adaptable. 

Conversational AI


Empower your service desk agents with the most user friendly, Conversations AI platform for your Contact Centre Solution built using Natural Lanuguage Processing (NLP)

Our AI platform can be used to virtualize and automate your sales and support processes to perform the initial bifurcation and route the calls to the right teams.

AI Voicebots & Chatbots


Improve your Live Chat response rates using our built-in chat-bots that help you analyse the incoming requests and transfer them to the right departments.

Our Chat-bots can be used to automate your conversations and workflows to help you serve your customers instantly.Easily help them find the right departments and the right humans to talk to.

Multiple Inbound Communication Channels

Manage your customer communication via any inbound channel through our WebRTC based Agent console. No more softphone dependencies. Consolidate all your inbound communication onto one centralized platform.



  • 1

    Smart outbound predictive dialer to connect your agents and customers.
    Improve agent efficiency with intelligent reporting. Ability to setup as OFCOM Compliant

  • 2

    Allows auto dial for outbound calls only when your agents are available. Progressive dialing ensures less abandoned calls and higher contact rates.

  • 3

    Manage both inbound and outbound calling with the same set of agents. Efficiently manage resourcing, overflow and customer experience by allowing them to talk to the same agents.

  • 4

    Dial outbound calls manually through your list. Manage smaller lists effectively using this mode with higher precision.

  • 5

    Cherry Pick
    Our unique feature allows you to pick and choose the records to dial rather than automatically assign the next one. Best choice for manual callbacks, or filtered list

Value Added Modules


Who needs 3rd party?

Screen Recording
Record your agents screen for quality and training
Screen Sharing
Share screen with your customers during Live Chat
Video Calling
Initiate Video calling straight from your Live Chat window
Call Recording
PCI DSS Compliant Call Recording
Ticketing System
Inbuilt Ticketing System to manage sales and support for your customers
SMS Integration
Integrate your favourite SMS gateway to send instant updates to your customers

Future of Awesome Customer Experience

Our Contact Centre software is future proof enabling you to offer your customers the next generation customer service experience.

We offer most features as inbuilt modules reducing the need of 3rd party system integrations. At the same time, our system is so flexible that it can integrate any software that supports API's to give you a complete 360 degree integarted experience.

Leverage the power of Arrtificial Intelligence

Reporting And Analytics




Get an overview of your business with our customizable Dashboard

Agent Analytics


Comprehensive Agent Analytics to give you total insights on agent activities

Historical and Real Time Reporting


In-depth reporting for every aspect of your inbound and outcound calling



You have the API, We Integrate It!


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